Fee Structure



Varies depending on factors such as frequency of pace reports, 2-way interface vs. manual balancing, volume of building negotiated and group rates, etc. Monthly fee will be quoted after a quick analysis of expected work level is made, however in general, the average monthly fee can typically range from $1,000 - $3,000 per month for most hotels.

Bonus Plan

While negotiable, we typically require a bonus plan with modest payout for each 5% increase in revenue over the same month last year.  For example, a 5% room revenue increase in January  2020 over January 2019= $175 bonus, and 10% increase = $350, etc.

Comp Set Software

We require access to competitive set rates via software that can be copy/pasted to our custom pace report. Usually OTA Insight software is best, which usually costs around $60 - $75 per month.  At times, however, we can use the free Expedia EPC comp set grid option, if that is available.

Remote PMS Access

If your PMS is not cloud-based, we will need to remotely access your computer to run reports and manage rates.  We use GoToMyPC software in this situation which costs around $50 per month.


Base monthly fee does not cover large projects, such as building a new CRS, PMS, Channel Manager or RMS.  These projects are very labor intensive and generally run around $1,500 per project, depending on the complexity of the situation.

Interim RM & Training

Interim Revenue Manager services are available, as well as training of your current Revenue Manager.  Please contact us directly for a quote for these services.